Our Team
Carolyn Hall
Chief Executive Officer

BSc, M Sus Dev, GAICD

Carolyn has over 20 years’ experience working across the agricultural and environmental sectors. Her experience includes consulting to a number of the most reputable natural resource consultancies in the country that specialise in environmental and biodiversity impact assessment and flood risk management planning. Her expertise is in planning and environmental legislation, bio-banking and community consultation.

Carolyn has undertaken research and analysis on both grazing and dairy properties focussing on landscape suitability, soils and climate. She has been a lecturer in the Masters of Sustainable Development program at Macquarie University and has spent many years chairing regional environmental forums.

Carolyn’s appointment as CEO of the Mulloon Institute follows her role as General Manager of Mulloon Consulting. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Sustainable Development and is a member of the Ecological Society of Australia.


Peter Hazell
Principal Landscape Planner

B App Sc, M App Sc, GradDip Env Edu

Peter has 15 years’ experience in the development and delivery of landscape rehydration works in both the public and private sectors. Peter provides on-ground advice and prepares Landscape Rehydration Plans while navigating the social, legal and technical complexities of natural resource management to achieve significant on-ground outcomes. He specialises in: Landscape planning, Landscape regeneration, Water Science, Ecology, Geomorphology, Community-based NRM and Policy analysis.

Peter is responsible for the implementation of the catchment scale Mulloon Rehydration Initiative. He worked as a Remote Sensing Specialist within the Environmental Research and Information Consortium and was an Australian Government NRM Facilitator (Landcare & Biodiversity). Peter was the first Landcare Coordinator in the Upper Shoalhaven Catchment, NSW. He and his wife, Donna, are also currently rehabilitating a 374ha farm in the Mongarlowe watershed, NSW based on principles of regenerative agriculture.


Luke Peel
Monitoring Advisor

B App Sc, Grad Dip GIS and Remote Sensing

Luke has over 30 years in agriculture, landscape regeneration and natural resource management. He has extensive experience in spatial data collection, establishing monitoring and mapping programs using ground-based methods in combination with satellite and aerial data, scientific analysis and reporting, communication to landholders and scientists and education and training.

Luke has previously worked in various roles in the NT Government Environment Agency, specialising in soil erosion and hydrological monitoring, spatial data analysis for vegetation mapping and developing and implementing new technologies in ground monitoring methodologies.

Luke moved to Canberra to work with the Murray Darling Basin Authority on the Sustainable Rivers Audit for river geomorphology and vegetation mapping and monitoring. He went on to lead a team at Geoscience Australia to acquire elevation data, primarily LiDAR and imagery over areas of significance.


Sam Skeat
Regenerative Agriculture Consultant (QLD)

B A Sc (Production Animal Science)

Sam has significant experience in landscape processes and how to use rehydration design to rebuild degraded areas into functional productive landscapes. He has spent 15 years in the grazing industry and brings specialist skills in providing grazing advice in the context of landscape rehydration. Sam also spent six years in NRM working with graziers on improved management practices including project officer for the NQ Dry Tropics Landscape works. Here, he combined rehydration practices and regenerative grazing to deliver both ecological and productive returns.

Sam’s broader skills include: grazing management, landscape function understanding, reading the landscape, practical design, understanding and balancing the returns for ecology and agriculture in Regenerative Agriculture and Landscape Rehydration, extension and education with landholders. Sam is the owner and Director for Skeat Family Farms, a Regenerative Grazing company in North Queensland.


Joe Skuse
Landscape Planner (QLD)

B Env Sc

Joe is experienced in natural resource management and agriculture through his work in landscape regeneration in the Hunter, Canberra, Riverina and Monaro regions with Greening Australia. Joe is a graduate of Australian National University with a Bachelor of Environment Sustainability. In his role as a Landscape Planner, Joe uses his technical and observational skills to provides support in the preparation of Landscape Rehydration Plans.


Lance Mudgway
Landscape Planner (WA)

BE (Agr), MEngSc

Lance Mudgway is a hydrologist based in Wagin, Western Australia with over 20 years’ experience managing surface and groundwater in WA’s agricultural landscapes. He has 16 years’ experience as a hydrologist working in landscape repair in response to salinity and land degradation issues in the WA Wheatbelt, bringing extensive experience and knowledge of natural capital, landscape properties and processes in that region.

Lance is passionate about large-scale change in agricultural systems, to a more natural systems focus, restoring saline and degraded lands to productivity and building resilience against climate change and other external factors as well as reducing agriculture’s climate impact.

Lance brings with him a well-developed network with local NRM groups, Landcare and community groups, Aboriginal groups and local and state government agencies.


Bill McAlister
Landscape Planner

B Sc (Hons)

Bill’s experience is in landscape assessment – reading the landscape, designing interventions to restore landscape function for improved biodiversity and commercial outcomes, drawing on scientific literature and GIS datasets to interpret the condition of the country and its potential for recovery. Bill provides technical support and assists with the preparation of Landscape Rehydration Plans. He grew up in the Central West of NSW and it was here where his interest in regenerative agriculture and landscape rehydration evolved. This was further reinforced by travels throughout Australia and South America. He is a graduate of the Australian National University with honours.


Nolani McColl
Landscape Planner

B Env Sc, Dip Horticulture

Nolani has 12 years experience in the Australian Public Service working in water management and, most recently, working for the Murray–Darling Basin Authority. Nolani has extensive skills in science communication in a variety of formats. She has high-level science administrative skills and a deep understanding of water policy development and implementation. Nolani also has expertise in horticulture andregenerative agriculture. Nolani and her husband Peter have a farm on the Shoalhaven River near Braidwood in NSW, where they’re using biodynamics and holistic management to improve farm productivity and biodiversity.


Angus Dunne
Landscape Planner


Angus has 10 years’ experience in the food system, from grazing extension in the Great Barrier Reef, to vineyards, wineries, organic vegetables and restaurants. Completing a Bachelor of Ecological Agricultural Systems from Charles Sturt University in 2018, the triple bottom line degree underpinned by systems thinking instilled a cross-disciplinary approach to agriculture.

Angus has a passion for social and soil systems, specifically the relationship between them. Angus has been building his skills in landscape literacy since a Permaculture Design Course in 2017, along with soil assessment, project management, and extension. He is currently completing postgraduate studies with the Australian National University’s Fenner School of Environment & Society. Angus has previously led day-to-day activities of Project Pioneer from 2019-2021 and supported an Australian first water quality trial with World Wide Fund for Nature.


Jack Smart
Landscape Planner

BEng(Env)(Hons), GradCertRivRestor&Mgt

Jack is an Environmental Engineer with a strong passion for river systems, landscape rehydration and caring for country. He has 15 years’ experience in the public and private sectors, including over 10 years’ with the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

Jack brings a wealth of experience in the delivery of projects with respect to time, quality and budget, including program oversight for the delivery of large-scale floodplain environmental watering projects on the Murray River. He has a strong understanding of the technical engineering and design elements underpinning landscape rehydration works, including hydraulic and hydrologic analysis and assessments, and has design experience in urban stormwater and Water Sensitive Urban Design projects in the ACT.


Tony Wells
Landscape Planner

B Nat Res, Ass Dip Horticulture

Tony has over 20 years’ experience as an agricultural scientist with CSIRO and the NSW Department of Primary Industries. At NSW DPI, he focussed on improving the environmental performance of vegetable and fruit farming, particularly soil health and sediment/nutrient losses. He has extensive experience in hydrological monitoring and automated runoff sampling and has worked with a wide range of farmers conducting on-farm experiments and environmental projects.

Tony has also worked with landholders on native biodiversity projects and has taught horticulture and soils at TAFE and in youth support organisations. He managed his own business providing landholders with soil management recommendations and interpretation of soil lab-tests and is passionate about using data visualisation to communicate complex concepts. Tony is currently undertaking a graduate certificate in Data Science at the University of Newcastle.


Paris Capell
Landscape Planner

B Sc Env, M Sc Ag

Paris is a early career graduate with a passion for regenerative agriculture, systems thinking and food security. Her interests were sparked from her upbringing in the Central Tablelands of NSW and flourished in her regenerative case study work during her time working at Soils for Life. She enjoys using interdisciplinary thinking to solve problems, developed from experience in the soil carbon and forestry sectors.

Paris is an AgriFutures Horizon Scholar and holds a BSc (Environmental Science) from the Australian National University where she is currently completing further studies. Her degree minored in water science, focussing on Indigenous water rights as well as ecological resilience in Western NSW Rangeland Rehydration projects.  Paris specialises in GIS analysis which is used to prepare Landscape Rehydration Plans.


Erin Healy
Landscape Planner

B Env Eng (Hons), Grad Cert Regen Ag

Erin is an environmental engineer experienced in landscape remediation, natural resource management and agriculture through her work in environmental consulting and involvement with NSW Local Land Services and Landcare.

Erin is a graduate from the University of Newcastle with honours and is currently completing postgraduate studies with Southern Cross University in Regenerative Agriculture.

Erin is passionate about the role of agriculture in restoring and improving ecosystem health and landscape resilience. Erin uses her technical skills and ability to read the landscape to support the preparation of Landscape Rehydration Plans.