Landscape Rehydration Plans

A Landscape Rehydration plan considers the biophysical nature of your property, your capacity to implement Landscape Rehydration and any onground or regulatory constraints to develop a plan that is site specific and responds to your goals, budget and timeframe. A LR Plan will provide clear details of the measures you can take at your property to build a resilient landscape. It will also provide recommendations on monitoring and review of these measures over time. The plan will also make recommendations for capacity building and education in Landscape Rehydration to enhance your ability to manage installations in the short and long term. The plan will also provide advice on engaging with your neighbours and the benefits of a catchment wide approach.

  • An easy to follow guide to implement NSF on your property
  • A detailed plan detailing the location and type of measures required for landscape rehydration
  • Site specific troubleshooting
  • Recommendations for monitoring and review
  • Recommendations for capacity building and education for NSF
  • Details on the benefits of a catchment wide approach